Proactive Management of Holistic Wellbeing x Unlimited Drive = Sustainable Peak Performance

Wellbeing has become a buzzword recently, following wellness, resilience, employee engagement, employee satisfaction, participative management, employee motivation and other attempts to encapsulate a magic formula that enables employees to feel like people (ends unto themselves) WHILE they are used as performance/production inputs (means to an end). While I’m skeptical of the utility of looking to […]

How might A.I. enable us to develop “inter-dependable” relationships with each other and A.I. itself?

“It does seem to me that the story, not only of humanity, but of all of nature, of all of life, is one of mutual care and mutual interdependence to a far greater degree than we appreciate…” – Blaise Agüera y Arcas, fellow at Google Research He expands on this philosophy as follows: “And what […]

A “feedback conversation” is just one way to make someone aware of what “feedback loops” are telling them about the impact(s) of their actions

Framing feedback as part of a reflection process in which you give conscious attention to “feedback loops” (like an engineer) rather than as a performance process in which you exchange “feedback messages” (like a manager or colleague) can profoundly change the way you think and talk about performance. We need to collect feedback to help […]

Manifesting real results in the real world requires more than just telling yourself you deserve whatever it is you currently want

“I am well. I am opulent. I have everything. I do right. I know.” – Charles Benjamin Newcomb, author of 1897 book “All’s Right With the World” as quoted by Dr. Tara Isabella Burton in NYT editorial From Burton: ‘While the idea of manifesting may seem modern, the instinct to conflate spiritual forces, political and […]

Wellbeing is built on a solid foundation of interdependability

“New research published in the Industrial Relations Journal found no evidence that individual-level mental wellbeing interventions like mindfulness, resilience and stress management, relaxation classes, and wellbeing apps benefit employees.” — Some frame wellbeing as an individual challenge in which we liberate ourselves from the limitations and burdens others place on us. Another line of thinking places responsibility […]

Body language exists on the border between our internal and external worlds, but things don’t always translate clearly across the borders

Are you someone who has the habit of crossing your arms? Do you furrow your brow so you have RBF? Have others told you you need to work on your attitude? Does this describe something you see in your colleagues? When someone else crosses their arms or furrows their brow does it make you feel […]

Nouns or verbs? Labels and categories are easier to talk about than social dynamics and behavioral patterns, but what are the implications of relying on them too much to explain people’s bahavior?

Recently, I had a skeptical reaction to a TED talk in which Adam Grant seemed to be encouraging us to categorize each other into three categories of people: givers, takers and matchers. It was my sense that people’s behavior is probably too socially-embedded and fluid to be captured through this sort of categorization. I also […]