“Growth culture” is the fertile soil of “growth mindset”

To help individuals find a “growth mindset” we need to cultivate a “growth culture.” Our ability to maintain a growth mindset is influenced by how the people around us talk about growth.

According to Mary Murphy, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Indiana, performance management systems like stack ranking can undermine the establishment of a growth culture by nudging many of us to conflate recent performance with growth potential (future performance).

Moreover, by putting us in direct competition with our peers, such systems can also erode social trust and psychological safety in ways that leave us with little bandwidth (and perhaps even desire) to contribute to each other’s growth.

Murphy has collaborated with Carol Dweck on research exploring how the cultivation of a “culture of genius” supports individual’s ability to find and maintain a growth mindset. (See comments for information on article on this research.)

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