APGCCM: How do you invite your people to be drivers of sustainable high-performance?

The formula for higher performance AND enhanced well-being is:


Purpose Growth

Connection Contribution Meaning

How do we enable managers to become drivers of APGCCM as a core part of their roles? (Agency + Purpose + Growth) x (Connection + Contribution + Meaning)

APGCCM for productivity 

Putting in place mechanisms that bolster and balance “agency” AND “connection” is key to individual and organizational success. In order to maximize our contributions, we need to know how what we are doing works in combination with what others are doing, but many reporting systems are designed to support accountability (something executives put in place to reassure stakeholders including themselves that someone is in control) rather than purposeful sharing (which is how engaged workers exchange information to improve quality of experience and output when they believe this is what they have been hired to do).

The alchemy of APGCCM unlocks more productivity by helping people remember the “experience” of getting things done:

– AGENCY: the experience of making independent choices about what to do in your work and life (within the range of what is possible for the organization)

– PURPOSE: the experience of moving toward objectives and intentions that are personally resonant for you and also significant at a higher level

-GROWTH: the experience of growth and progress in a domain you have chosen for yourself (within the range of what is possible for the organization)

– CONNECTION: the experience of living and working in ways that connect you to other people and a positive greater context

– CONTRIBUTION: The experience of doing something that adds to the realization of something that feels significant to you (within a greater context that also matters)

– MEANING: The experience of LOOKING BACK on your life and work and realizing that you have been contributing to the achievement of a significant purpose that resonates for you (within a greater context that also matters)

The first three (Agency-Growth-Purpose) are about how we make sense of things and figure out what to do as individuals. 

The last three (Connection-Contribution-Meaning) are about how we integrate ourselves with others to proactively create something meaningful in the world.

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