Inter-dependability: a mindset through which we translate inter-dependence into trust and abundance for ourselves and others

Inter-dependability – A mindset through which we intentionally convert our inter-dependence (which is a given) into a renewable source of that which we need to survive and thrive.

Inter-dependability is something that exists in the context of our relationships. Inter-dependability emerges when we embrace the paradoxical nature of being individuals who are fundamentally inter-connected with other individuals.

We experience inter-dependability when two or more of us simultaneously commit to growing alone AND together in ways that enable us to be there for ourselves AND each other.

Particularly in the context of conflict and competition, inter-dependable relationships are a competitive advantage. Those with inter-dependable relationships share and build upon each other’s ideas and resources in ways that enable them to achieve more than they would be able to achieve alone. Greater inter-dependability leads to greater synergy.

Expanding our network of inter-dependable relationships can bring us benefits far outweighing those we can gain through our attempts to create artificial separations between ourselves and others.

Inter-dependability isn’t about sacrificing yourself to others. That would be unsustainable. It’s about acknowledging that (whether you like it or not and whether it feels like it or not), you are embedded in a web inter-dependent relationships and your path to success will be shared with others. It’s about realizing that rather than resisting inter-dependence, you might as well find ways to embrace and make the most of it.

When have you had inter-dependable relationships in your career and life? Who have you had those inter-dependable relationships with? How did they become inter-dependable? What did you all gain in the process? What did you let go of?

Inter-dependability is contextual. It can be durable or fleeting, but when it happens it leads to great results in the moment and leaves us with meaningful memories that help us recall why we do what we do and who we aspire to be.

How do you build inter-dependable relationships? How do you honor them?

Because I am there for myself, I can be MORE for others. By being there for others I CREATE/DISCOVER MORE of myself.

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